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One of the best CS-Cart "Sticky on scroll" add-on you'll find.

This practical CS-Cart add-on will make anything stick on top of page on scroll by adding one special CSS class to your block/grid.

The syntax for "User-defined CSS-class" per block/grid is the following:

  • l4w-StickyThis["top":{number},"padding":{number},"equalHeight":"{selector}"]


Parameter Default value Description
top 0 allows you to define the offset from top when to stick your block.
padding 0 allows you to define the offset from top when your block is made sticky.
equalHeight 34 this parameter can be a selector which is used to grab the height of that element and make the logo-height equal to this elements height. 
logo .ty-logo-container__image | false the first default value will be used when your block wraps around the '.top-menu' class; When this class is not found within your StickyThis block the second default value kicks in.


  • {number} can be any positive number
  • {selector} can be any class or ID


We also auto-magically use your parents background to avoid transparency issues, you can overwrite this in your css if you want to force transparency.

Note: If you have any modifications of your store (or skin modifications), may be additional custom development works will be required to adapt add-on for your store.